About Superheroes & Ponies!

This Blog Has Rules:

1.)  Every post must contain at least one Minimate and at least one My Little Pony toy.

2.) Plain white background only.  No scenery.

3.)  Photo editing for brightness and color only.

4.) No props!  Ok, some props.  The superheroes come with little props – guns, clothes – and those are fair game.  Sometimes, a pony includes a prop – purse, sunglasses, etc. – and I can use those if I want to.  Also, I occasionally see something that superheroes and ponies need to interact with (a pumpkin for Halloween, for example).  But most action should be expressed by posing the toys.

5.)  Superheroes can lean on ponies or on the walls of the box I photograph them in, but no other artificial support.

6.) Keep words to an absolute minimum.  If I can’t say it with superheroes and ponies, it doesn’t belong here.

7.) No character names.  This is mostly so I don’t get sued, but it is also an interesting limitation.


2 responses to “About Superheroes & Ponies!”

  1. k8monstr says :

    Wow – Just found this blog and I am laughing at these adorable mash-ups. Just what I needed to brighten my day!

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